E450SF is a Slow Cure Polyaspartic 2 part | 90% solids

Jan 8, 2018

Welcome to the product page for E450SF, the ultimate Slow Cure Polyaspartic 2 part coating with 90% solids. If you are searching for a high-quality and durable solution to transform your concrete floors, you've come to the right place. At Florida Potting Soil Wood Products Div, we specialize in providing top-notch products in the eCommerce & Shopping - Groceries category.

Why Choose E450SF?

E450SF is not your average concrete floor coating. It stands out from the competition in terms of both quality and performance. Let's dive into what makes E450SF the ideal choice for your flooring project:

Durable and Long-lasting

When it comes to floor coatings, durability is of utmost importance. E450SF is engineered with longevity in mind. Its slow cure formula ensures a strong bond with the concrete surface, creating a coating that can withstand heavy foot traffic, impacts, and other wear and tear. Say goodbye to flaking or peeling floors, as E450SF provides a long-lasting solution that will keep your floors looking impeccable for years to come.

Glossy and Attractive

Not only does E450SF offer exceptional durability, but it also enhances the aesthetics of your floors. The high solids content of 90% ensures a glossy and mirror-like finish, instantly transforming the appearance of any space. Whether it's a residential garage or a commercial showroom, E450SF will give your floors a professional and eye-catching appeal.

Easy Application

We understand that no one wants to deal with complicated application processes. That's why E450SF is designed for easy and hassle-free installation. With its two-part formula, you can achieve a perfect mix every time, ensuring optimal performance. E450SF can be applied using a brush, roller, or sprayer, offering versatility to match your preferred application method.

Quick Cure Time

While the term "slow cure" may sound counterintuitive, E450SF actually boasts a relatively fast cure time compared to other slow cure polyaspartic coatings. This allows you to get back to using your space sooner without sacrificing quality. With E450SF, you can enjoy the benefits of a durable coating without the long wait.

The Benefits of E450SF

Choosing E450SF for your flooring project comes with a plethora of benefits. Let's take a closer look at why this product has gained a reputation as a top-quality choice:

Chemical Resistance

E450SF is engineered to withstand exposure to chemicals commonly found in residential, commercial, and industrial settings. This coating acts as a protective barrier, guarding your floors against harsh substances, oils, and stains. You can rest assured that your floors will remain in pristine condition, even in the face of accidental spills or chemical contact.

UV Stability

Exposure to sunlight can cause many floor coatings to fade or yellow over time. Fortunately, E450SF is formulated with UV stability in mind. Its advanced composition provides excellent resistance to UV rays, ensuring that your floors maintain their color vibrancy even with prolonged exposure to sunlight. Say goodbye to dull and faded floors - E450SF keeps them looking fresh and vibrant.

Low Odor

We understand the importance of indoor air quality. That's why E450SF is designed with low odor properties, ensuring minimal disturbance during application. You can enjoy the flexibility of coating your floors without the worry of overwhelming smells or harmful fumes. Create a safe and pleasant environment while achieving stunning floors with E450SF.

Easy Maintenance

Cleaning and maintaining coated floors should be a breeze, and with E450SF, it certainly is. Thanks to its smooth and glossy surface, dirt, dust, and spills can be easily wiped away, keeping your floors looking impeccable with minimal effort. Save time on maintenance and enjoy the long-lasting beauty of E450SF.

Order Your E450SF Today

If you're ready to take your concrete floors to the next level, order your E450SF Slow Cure Polyaspartic 2 part coating with 90% solids today. Florida Potting Soil Wood Products Div is proud to offer this premium product, backed by our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Explore the benefits of E450SF and transform your floors with a durable, glossy, and long-lasting coating solution. Don't settle for average - choose E450SF for exceptional results.