Fatwood Firestarter Now Available In Canada

Sep 21, 2019


Welcome to the official website of Florida Potting Soil Wood Products Div, your trusted source for top-notch gardening and outdoor essentials. We are thrilled to announce that our highly sought-after Fatwood Firestarter is now available in Canada! Engineered to offer seamless fire starting experiences, our Fatwood Firestarter will revolutionize your outdoor adventures. Read on to discover the outstanding benefits and features of our premium product.

What is Fatwood Firestarter?

Fatwood Firestarter, also known as "fat lighter," is a natural fire starter made from the heartwood of pine trees. Known for its exceptional resin content, Fatwood Firestarter ignites effortlessly. It is harvested sustainably from the stumps of resinous pine trees, making it an environmentally friendly choice for fire starting.

The Benefits of Fatwood Firestarter

Using Fatwood Firestarter offers numerous advantages for fire enthusiasts and outdoor enthusiasts alike:

  • Efficiency: Fatwood Firestarter ignites quickly and burns for an extended period, ensuring you have a reliable and long-lasting flame for your outdoor fires.
  • All-Natural: Our Fatwood Firestarter is 100% natural and contains no chemicals or artificial additives. It provides you with a safe and eco-friendly option for starting your fires.
  • Waterproof: Even when exposed to moisture, Fatwood Firestarter offers exceptional performance, reliably igniting your fires even in wet conditions.
  • Convenience: Fatwood Firestarter requires no additional kindling or accelerants, making it a convenient solution for starting fires on camping trips, picnics, or your backyard fire pit.
  • Reliability: With its high resin content, Fatwood Firestarter is highly reliable. You can trust it to light every time, ensuring a stress-free experience during your outdoor activities.

How to Use Fatwood Firestarter

Using Fatwood Firestarter is easy:

  1. Gather your firewood and create a small tinder nest.
  2. Place one or two Fatwood Firestarter sticks on top of the tinder nest.
  3. Light the Fatwood Firestarter sticks using a lighter or match.
  4. Watch as the resin-rich Fatwood ignites, spreading its intense heat to the surrounding wood.
  5. Add additional firewood to build your desired fire size.

Order Your Fatwood Firestarter Today

Ready to elevate your fire starting game? Place an order for our high-quality Fatwood Firestarter today and experience the convenience and reliability it brings to your outdoor adventures. With our easy and secure online ordering process, getting your hands on this premium fire starter has never been easier.

When you choose Florida Potting Soil Wood Products Div, you are selecting a company dedicated to delivering the best quality products and exceptional customer service. Our Fatwood Firestarter is just one example of our commitment to providing you with top-notch gardening and outdoor essentials.


Don't let fire starting be a hassle on your outdoor adventures. With Fatwood Firestarter, starting a fire becomes effortless and enjoyable. Say goodbye to struggling with damp kindling or unreliable fire starters. Trust in the outstanding quality and performance of our Fatwood Firestarter. Order yours today and get ready to experience the convenience and efficiency it offers.

Itzik Feldman
Great news! Excited to finally get my hands on Fatwood Firestarter in Canada.
Oct 16, 2023